• Perfect Ending of Solar Power Mexico 2019
    The rapidly rising Mexican market ;    Mexico has a strong new energy policy support, local solar products are relatively cheap, and the demand for solar power continues to increase. Through this exhibition, wanhos solar will help wanhos solar explore opportunities in the Mexican market and explore increasingly complex grid solutions. Mexico market data analysis ;   •Mexico has newly passed the "Climate Change Act", setting a goal that the country’s clean energy power generation will account for 35% of the country’s power generation by 2024, and 50% by 2050. ;   •In June 2017, Mexico issued the "Mexican National Electric Power System Development Plan" (Prodesen). By 2031, the total investment in clean energy in the country will reach 107 billion U.S. dollars. ;   •The Mexican Energy Secretariat plans to increase the country’s total photovoltaic power generation to 5.4GW in 2019. ;   •It is estimated that by 2021, Mexico may become the fifth largest photovoltaic market in the world, with 10,000MW of new photovoltaic power generation, an increase of 84%. ;   • Since 2000, Mexico’s primary energy demand has increased by 25%. ;   •Mexico is one of the countries with the richest solar energy resources in the world, with an annual average daily solar radiation of 4.4kWh/m2 to 6.3kWh/m2. ;   •The number of clean energy certificates for power generation companies and high energy consumption companies will continue to increase, reaching 7.4% in 2020, 10.9% in 2021, and 13.9% in 2022.
  • Customers come to wanhos solar to inspect, visit and cooperate
    Wanhos Solar Technology Co.,Ltd , which is specialized in solar mounting brackets. We have our own big factory with more than 2,000,000㎡ and 28 years' history. As you know, so many solar mounting system companies are located in Xiamen, china, but just few of them have their own factories(we are lucky to be one of them, and we are the biggest). ; This time the customer personally came to check our company's product quality, factory scale and company operating conditions. The customer expressed his satisfaction and was willing to establish long-term cooperation. We very much welcome companies and individuals who are interested in cooperation to visit our company or appoint a third-party verification agency to conduct factory inspections.
  • Perfect Ending of 2020 Shanghai Exhibition
    From August 7th to 10th, SNEC's 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition was successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. During the exhibition, Wanhos Solar adopted both online and offline marketing practices. The products displayed include new solar carport structures, solar floating systems, roof installation structures and partial ground installation structures, which left a deep impression on the market. Wanhos solar not only demonstrated its core capabilities in products and technology, but also conducted extensive and in-depth interactions with industry peers, customers, and upstream and downstream companies. In today's era, all countries in the world are sparing no effort to promote green energy characterized by high efficiency, cleanliness, low carbon and intelligence, which has become the consensus of the people all over the world. Energy saving, emission reduction and sustainable green development are key goals that people in the photovoltaic industry will continue to pursue. With the mission of "making green energy more efficient", Wanhos Solar will start from a new starting point and embark on a new journey to provide more effective and efficient products for the global photovoltaic market and make more contributions to the development of global green energy.
  • Perfect Ending of 2015 California, USA Exhibition
    Through this exhibition, we got acquainted with many companies in the US photovoltaic industry and established long-term cooperative relationships. We believe that Wanhos Solar will contribute to the development of the local photovoltaic industry. California is the largest solar market in the United States. According to a recent analysis by EuPD, a German research organization, the growth rate of solar power generation in the United States is faster than expected. In 2012, US solar power generation will increase by more than 3.3 GW. California and Silicon Valley are the centers of the US solar energy industry, and one-third of the entire US solar power generation equipment is gathered here. In addition, California and Silicon Valley have more venture capitalists and emerging companies than other regions.
  • Perfect Ending of 2018 Korea Exhibition
    As a major energy consumer, South Korea is one of the countries that is infinitely short of oil, natural gas and water resources and highly dependent on imports. In recent years, due to the policies of the Korean government, the renewable energy industry has developed rapidly. As the industry's leading solar structural design and manufacturer, Wanhos solar has always been at the forefront of providing efficient and high-quality products. Through this exhibition, we believe that our products will be of great help to the development of the Korean photovoltaic industry.

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