Consider the reasons for installing solar ground mounting system

Nov 11, 2021

When considering adding solar energy to their homes, most people immediately think of installing rooftop solar. The fact is that solar panels can be fixed in a variety of ways to meet any project requirements and preferences, including installing ground-mounted systems. The following is a list of reasons to consider installing a ground-mounted solar system on your property.

1. Your roof is small or very complicated.

If your roof is small or has multiple planes and cannot install enough panels, ground installation may be a more economical and feasible solution. However, we have installed solar arrays on many complex roofs, so if you are still interested in rooftop solar, let us check your home.

2. Your roof is not suitable.

Your roof may have too many obstacles to install the solar array on the roof (chimneys, pipes, skylights), or it may be too shaded by trees to generate viable energy. In this case, it would be a good choice to check the rest of your installable location and see if you can install a ground-mounted system.

3. Your roof may not get enough sunlight.

In the northern hemisphere, solar panels produce the most energy when they face south, and they can still produce enough energy if they face east or west. We will estimate the output of the solar array based on the direction or azimuth of your roof. If your roof does not have a viable south-facing surface, you can install a south-facing ground bracket to achieve the ideal energy generation. If your roof has obvious shadows and other parts of your property do not, then ground installation may be your best choice.

4. Local restrictions.

You may be in a neighborhood or historic district that prohibits installing solar energy on the roof. In some cases, ground installation can be installed so that you can produce your own renewable energy without violating any laws or regulations of your home.

5. Home aesthetics.

You may just not want to install solar on the roof. If you want to save thousands of dollars in energy bills over the years and want to produce your own clean energy, but don't want to install solar panels in your home, that's okay! If there is enough space, you can install a gorgeous ground-mounted solar array in the backyard.

If you are interested in ground-mounted systems, or want to consider all options to switch to solar energy, please contact us.

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