Aluminium Mid Clamp & End Clamp for Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Mid clamps & end clamps are used to fix solar modules to rails.whether you need mounting clamps for the framed or unframed panels for PV mounting clamps, we can provide all of them.wanhos mid clamps &end clamps always fit perfectly to the different kinds of solar modules and PV mounting structures.

  • Brand:

  • Snow Load:

    1.4 KN/M2
  • Wind Load:

    60 m / s
  • Material:

    AL 6005 – T5 & SUS304
  • Installation Site:

    Ground / Roof / Carport solar panel mounts
  • Certificate:

    ASNZS1170/ ISO9001/ SGS/TUV etc. certificates
  • Warranty:

    10 years
  • Designed LifeSpan:

    25 years
  • Packing Details:

    Carton+ Wooden/Steel Pallet etc
  • Sample:

    Free samples
  • Product Detail

Aluminium Mid Clamp & End Clamp for Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Advantages of solar panel mounting clips

*Aluminum material is anticorrosive, non-toxic, high recovery rate, suitable for the use of green energy.

*Light weight but strong, easy to install quickly

*Standard middle clamp and end clamp, save your inventory.

*Smooth surface and beautiful appearance.

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